You can use your unique code for your new or existing account: 

You already have a NFN+ subscription?

Go to your profile settings. Click on the little doll on top right of the page and then on 'profile'. In the field 'subscription' click on 'modify'. Fill in your unique code. You'll find the unique code bottom right of the giftcard underneath the scratch layer. 

You don't have a NFN+ subscription yet?

Go to Throughout the registration you can fill in the code. This is possible under the available subscription types. 

For further information you can go to: " 'How to make an account'?

The steps are as follows:
To make an account you have to go to the webpage of New Faith Network and click on the top left of the page on the three stripes, then click the red button 'Register'.   

Step 1: Click on the button register.

Step 2:  Enter a valid e-mail adress and password. You can also register with Facebook.

Step 3: Choose a monthly subscription, six months subscription or yearly subscription. Do you have a voucher or a promotional code? Enter that one too. Click on 'Next step'. 

Step 4: Click on 'Check your payment methods'.

Step 5: Choose your payment method and enter your payment details to be able to use the 14 days free trial period. We'll write 2 cents off your bank account to make sure everything is correct. 

Step 6: To be sure that you own the e-mail adress you provided us, we'll sent you an activation link to this e-mail adress. Click on the link to activate your account.